Having more than one houses is easier with smart control units

When our partner and I retired, every one of us purchased a minute apartment much further south.

We’d spent our entire lives in the north, dealing with snow and cold for more than many weeks out of the year. While every one of us honestly like the area, every one of us were sleepy of shoveling snow, scraping ice and being so reliant on the gas furnace. Our hope was to take luck of the best weather in both locations. We are now able to escape the winters in the north however also avoid the exceptionally sizzling and humid summers down south. Having more than one houses does create some extra work. We now have a lot more upkeep, repairs and utility bills to deal with. We also worry about whichever apartment is left empty. There’s the fear that the gas furnace will malfunction, leaving the residence in the north without heat when the outside temperature is twenty below zero. Our water pipes could freeze and burst. If the cooling proposal fails down south, every one of us end up with mold and mildew growth and the moist heat creates the ideal habitat for cockroaches. A very helpful replace was the investment into a smart control unit for each of the homes. We now have remote access through an app on our smartphones. At any time, no matter where I happen to be, I can check on the temperature and humidity level of either home. Being able to make adjustments is extremely helpful. We have the control unit set to conserve energy while the apartment is empty however appreciate to arrive at a perfectly comfortable home. It’s easy for myself and others to raise or lower the temperature when we’re on our way home. Plus, I get alerts if there’s a temperature swing, power outage or any troubles with the gas furnace or a/c.


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