Field trip with no a/c

I thought that chaperoning our daughter’s fifth grade class field trip would be an good experience, i was looking forward to spending some extra time with our daughter, meeting his classmates and participating in the tour of a historical fort.

I didn’t realize that the fort was located over an hour away and that we’d be traveling by school bus; Although every one of us headed out at 8 o’clock in the morning, the outside temperature was already 85 degrees; The bus was not equipped with any type of a/c! For safety purposes, the windows only open about more than one inches.

They brought in very little air, and the bus was horribly hot. It was also extremely aged and bounced us all over the venue… By the time every one of us arrived at the fort, many of the adolescents were carsick and I was dealing with a raging headache. I then discovered that the tour of the fort is certainly outdoors. For the majority of the time, every one of us were exposed to direct sunlight. The adolescents were hot, bored, cranky and most of them ended up sunburned. The only air conditioned section was the gift shop. My little group of men and I lingered in that air conditioned gift shop for as long as possible, however no a single wanted to get back onto that sizzling and sticky bus for the ride home. I can’t imagine who thought it would be a good system to send a group of adolescents to an outdoor fort in the middle of June. I’m sure there’s an indoor, air conditioned aquarium or math museum in closer proximity.


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