New Heating and Air Conditioning heating is like going back in time

There has been plenty to witness and experience over the 74 years that I have been alive.

Lots of fluctuations have happened over the course of the past 74 years. When I was born, residential Heating and Air Conditioning as the two of us believe it didn’t easily even exist. There were heating units and there were fans for the summer. Recently, an Heating and Air Conditioning experience at a single of my children’s apartment easily brought that all back to me. My oldest built a apartment now that her youngest is off to university. The apartment is easily well thought out and quite sustainable. To that end, the heating and cooling unit is also state of the art Heating and Air Conditioning technology that looks to be truly efficient. My daughter’s new apartment uses a geothermal heat pump to both heat and cool the house. A geo heat pump uses a long tube buried under the ground to extract heating and cooling energy. This Heating and Air Conditioning technology uses the near constant temperature of the earth as a most consistent source of heating and cooling energy. While more extravagant on the front end, the geothermal heat pump will give significant heating and cooling savings for the next 30 plus years. What blew me away and took me back to my youth was the radiant floor heating. Both of us had radiant heat from a boiler when I was a little girl and that radiant heat is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt. The fact that the heat comes up from the floor is even better than the radiators the two of us had when I was growing up. It’s amazing how things come full circle.

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