HVAC needs are now almost opposite

Unfortunately, I have to count myself among those who have been guilty of taking quality heating and air a bit for granted.

While that is too bad, it’s sort of understandable. HVAC comfort is just about universal in this country. It’s an actual rarity to find yourself in a situation where there isn’t access to modern HVAC technology. That is unless you’re standing in the forrest. But like most people I live and work in a town that has HVAC equipment in every building and home. What is different for me is that my HVAC needs have changed with my move to the south. And those heating and cooling needs are just about opposite now. When I lived in the far north, the emphasis was on the heating in the heating and cooling. Now living down south, the emphasis is very much on the cooling and not so much on the heating. And the HVAC equipment has changed radically for me as well. We lived so far north that the air conditioning I had was a window a/c that I only put in for a month or two if that. Our HVAC equipment was all related to heating with a gas furnace. Down here, we have the heat pump and it provides both the heating and cooling comfort we need. However, the heat pump is designed to make cooling a space possible. The heating part of the heat pump is sort of a bonus. And one that we only use a handful of times during our very mild winter. I guess I should just count myself lucky to always have the HVAC technology focus that I need.


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