The electrician gave me the system to go for a ductless mini split

When I had an electrician come out to my home, I just wanted to make sure everything was nice plus I wanted to suppose what this old sub-panel was used for.

It was a 50 amp circuit breaker in there plus the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C serviceman said it seemed prefer it was for a tepid tub.

She said it was in enjoyable condition plus I could entirely have a tepid tub running outside or I could even change it to a bizarre circuit breaker to accommodate a cooling plan if I wanted. She told me that the ductless mini splits were becoming more popular plus I should think about going for something prefer that. She was honestly right too, however up until that point, I was just using a portable cooling system component that I would transfer around the house. It provided alright cooling, but it wasn’t entirely nice plus the energy costs were kind of extravagant. I ended up looking at the DIY ductless mini split models. I l received that I could convert my sub-panel to a 30 amp circuit breaker plus then I could hook that up directly to the ductless mini split after I had it installed. I ended up buying a triple zone ductless mini split plus got to labor on the installation when it arrived. It took a lot of research to learn how to install the thing, but it wasn’t that challenging once I had a nice understanding of the installation process. I entirely used a hold saw on my cordless drill to go through the walls. It wasn’t easy either because I had to go through brick, but I made some clean holes with a slight downward slope to account for the condensate lines. I even did the electric labor myself plus now I have a perfectly cool home with cheaper energy costs.


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