We worry about our son dating since he has autism

We have a son who has autism.

My wife gets pretty upset when people say he is autistic because he is not his diagnosis, he is a young man.

Things have always been difficult for us as he has his routines, his moods, and everything else. It’s difficult for most people to understand because they have no idea what your child is experiencing. It is even difficult for us a lot of the time. We know he is sensitive to sounds, lights, and everything around. When the sensory circuits overload, that is when he will go into a meltdown and that’s not a pretty situation. Fortunately, we have developed such a routine that he rarely has meltdowns these days. He is getting older though and this is another worry. What if he wants to be on his own and take care of himself. He sees a therapist and she seems to think he is ready for higher level steps, like getting a girlfriend. Now we’re talking about our son who gets angry if the temperature control settings aren’t perfect in his room and the humidity levels aren’t balanced. He doesn’t like anything in his room to be touched or he will lose his mind. We worry that if he does get a girlfriend, he’s going to lose his head and she won’t understand. And I do believe he could easily get a girlfriend if he wanted. He has a certain charm about him and he’s really funny. The thing is, he takes everything very literally, so you have to learn to understand him. If he gets a girl with a car, he might drive her crazy with those temperature control settings. He might even bring a portable dehumidifier with him and that might cause them to break up, in a hypothetical dating situation.
a/c serviceman