Cooling down a sunroom

Every person has her preferred room in the house. My mom‘s preferred room was the home office plus my dad loves to lay in his office. However, my preferred room in our current home is the sunroom. I love sitting in the sunroom plus basking in the daylight while watching TV. My mom thinks I’m ridiculous because the sunroom gets so warm but I never love to turn on the cooling system in that room. I love to just lay in the room plus soak up the heat, although I suppose that’s all the same people. I actually love to recognize the warm air on my skin because it relaxes myself and others so much, and feeling the daylight on my skin also relaxes myself and others just as much. When I grow up I wanna have my own sunroom in my current home but my mom told myself and others that I’m not going to love how much it costs to cool down a sunroom. I told my mom she had nothing to worry about because I don’t love to turn on the air-conditioning in the Sunroom either way. Even if I did have my own sunroom I would install an cooling system unit in the room because I find them to be pointless. I would rather have the nice warm air on my skin plus not have to worry about cooling down the room at all. She said my family may not agree with myself and others on this issue in the future though.

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