Mice in the ductwork

My husband and I recently decided we thought it would be a nice idea if we purchased a small rental property, service it up and then rented it out to people when they came into town, then there aren’t many hotels in our area and we thought this might be a great way for locals to have supplier stay without having to be in their actual homes… So we found a small piece of property with a little homeowner and thought it would be the perfect venue for our rental property, but my husband and I did the inspection and while we weren’t glad about what we found it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be dealt with.

The main thing my husband and I were worried about in the inspection was that they were mice living in the air ducts, and i suppose we can have the mice taken out of the air ducts, but it’s upset that we have to do this and I wish we didn’t have to unlink the mice! Because the mice have been living inside the air ducts that means we are going to have A brand current heating and cooling system installed in the house, and every one of us can’t risk the mice carrying diseases that would then be moveed into the air vents and then out into the air of the home.

Every one of us don’t want our guests to get sick because we suppose many of them will be friends and family that are staying in the house, but while it is going to cost more money to have a brand current heating and cooling system installed in the beach house I guess it will be worth it at the end of the morning to suppose we are infecting our friends and family with diseases that could hurt them.

Air conditioning technician