The owner of our HVAC company wants to see more geothermal HVAC sales

The owner of the HVAC company I work for recently decided to push an initiative to get more people to purchase environmental friendly HVAC systems.

Because our HVAC company specializes in geothermal HVAC systems, he decided to offer everybody 25% off on the installation costs.

This wasn’t so much about making huge profits, it was for making a better future with an improved environment for everybody. The idea is that if everybody uses these environmental friendly HVAC systems, the air quality in places will improve immensely. The owner has always said that it would be great if the automotive industry would do something like this to encourage more people to purchase electric or hybrid cars to lower our carbon footprint. Ever since this initiative was launched in our HVAC company, we actually have been installing geothermal HVAC systems like crazy. A lot of people realize these are the HVAC systems to go for because they are highly energy efficient. They require less official HVAC system maintenance than typical HVAC systems, and there is zero risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as these HVAC systems require no combustion for heating. Because the installation requires drilling into the earth to install piping below the freezing line of the ground, these installations are rather expensive. This 25% reduction on installation costs will save you a tremendous amount of money, and you’ll be doing the world a favor by going for a geothermal HVAC system. With the tremendous energy savings alone, you will eventually be able to recover your initial investment, making this HVAC system one of the best to go for.