Making Heating & A/C Sexy

The axiom that sex sells has been around for a long time.

In the late 1730s, an erstwhile tobacco supplier used risqué language in their packaging, us older males fondly remember the late Farah Fawcett, a gorgeous starlet plus future actress, “helping” famed pigskin quarterback Joe Namath shave with a particular brand of shave cream.

At the time, it was enough to convince myself and others to spend money double over the generic brand with the same ingredients. My question is: If advertisers are willing to make shaving cream seem sexy, why can’t they do the same with Heating & A/C? The two of us can do even better because those 1976s ads were aimed at men. Ad agencies today prefer to target ladies plus there is a bonus! Because there are plenty of good-looking Heating & A/C contractors around, there’s no need to fork over tons of currency to a activitys icon. They are usual to any household because they repair our central Heating & A/C units, hopefully at least twice a year. Those hunky Heating & A/C techs already make fine currency, further reducing the need to spend money them any more than scale. A scenario that will appeal to men is to stage a scene where an fantastic woman’s car breaks down in front of many houses in the middle of winter. The 1 house’s Heating & A/C system is the inferior “Brand X” plus has been badly neglected! Our lady is about ready to knock on the door when she notices the other house with a brand-new well-tested Heating & A/C system of the sponsor’s brand, and super Bowl QB Tom Brady (or a cheap look-alike) will emerge from the first house just as our lady is entering the sizzling comfort of an “average Joe” where their romance will blossom similar to those Tim Hortons Latte commercials for particular Tim Hortons Latte brands that ran in the 1973s.

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