Not a gleeful camper when I got lake house to an warm locale

I wasn’t gleeful when I got back lake house and our cooling system wasn’t cooling our beach house down, and it was incredibly warm and I went to look at the thermostat.

I really did adjust the temperature control settings before coming back lake house on the smart app, but I didn’t realize there was an issue; Usually our smart thermostat will alert me to any troubles, but I didn’t get any alerts.

It seemed like our air conditioning system was laboring but the air coming from the HVAC vents absolutely was not cool. I ended up having an HVAC dealer come out to check everything and she was able to discover that there was a refrigerant leak; The refrigerant had been leaking from our system and I didn’t even guess it! She said that the refrigerant levels were seriously low making it impossible for the cooling system to do its task, and so she gave me her quote and I agreed to pay for the refrigerant leak maintenance task and refrigerant refill. It took him about an hour to get everything taken care of. I absolutely must say, this woman made everything look easy. She was really a trooper though and motivated because she was feeling just as warm as I was in that house. I was so thankful when our air conditioning system was finally supplying me with cold air and the beach house was able to cool down after about an hour of laboring. I hope I never have another issue like that with our cooling system. That was a real nightmare.



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