But they said the HVAC system was broken.

Just like everyone else who bought a house, we had our inspections done prior to making the purchase.

The contractor told us that the house was in excellent condition and we were making a good purchase. He wasn’t so optimistic when it came to the HVAC system. After a cursory inspection, he said the furnace and air conditioning unit had both been badly neglected. The ductwork was so dirty, that he was surprised the air quality in the house was as good as it was. He told us he didn’t think the HVAC system would last us another season. This had us quite concerned and we called the HVAC company as soon as we moved in. We asked about getting a new HVAC system for the house. The HVAC technician who came to the house did a complete inspection. He cleaned the air conditioning unit, put in a new fan and added coolant to the system. He then went downstairs to the furnace. He cleaned the furnace, installed a new igniter and changed the air filters. He looked at the ductwork and said he was going to need to have the ductwork cleaners come to the house to inspect the ductwork. He thought there could be a few small holes or cracks that could easily be repaired when the ductwork was cleaned and sanitized. All in all, he said the HvAC system was in excellent condition considering how badly it had been neglected. I was now feeling really guilty. After what the inspector had said, my wife and I asked for $10,000 off the selling price for the purchase of a new furnace and air conditioning unit.


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