I put off the ductwork.

My husband and I have been putting off calling the HVAC company to have our ductwork cleaned.

We knew the ductwork needed to be cleaned when we first moved into our home.

We had a lot of projects to be completed over the next six months. I thought that with all the dust and dirt we were going to stir up, it would be crazy to have the ductwork cleaned now. We were going to need to have it cleaned again in six months. My husband agreed with my logic and we put off having the ductwork cleaned. In the meantime, we went to work in our bedroom. The bedroom was so outdated that I didn’t want to sleep in it. It was dark and dreary and I knew I had to brighten it up. We put two new windows into the bedrooms and took out all the old panelling. We replaced the panelling with a muted shade of orange with blue and white stripes. It sounded odd when we first thought about it, but it turned out gorgeous. We ripped up the old carpeting which had dust flying all over the room. I couldn’t believe how much dirt was beneath that old carpeting. I had to empty the bag tro the vacuum cleaner, twice, before I had even half the dirt up. When the mess was cleaned up, we put down a pine hardwood that matched our bedroom furniture. With this mess completed, it was time to have the ductwork cleaned. We knew that in another year, we would once again need to have the ductwork cleaned.

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