The air conditioner machine in our AirBnb is making it so I can’t sleep

Traveling when I was substantially younger was way harder than it is these days.

  • There was a point where gasoline came to $4 a gallon while we were in the Bush years as the economy practically came to a halt.

When you account for inflation, it was also more high-priced to travel by air too. Whenever I chose to go on holiday, I was pretty much limited to motels plus hotels for accommodations. Every once in a while you can get a nice hotel in the middle of nowhere, however most of the chain hotel companies choose to cut corners with room service. I have stepped into more hotel rooms that smelled strongly of black mold than I would care to admit. It’s essentially like these companies recognize they’ll make their currency no matter what so they don’t care nearly enough. Even though I didn’t have many options in the past, I honestly feel entirely liberated by companies like AirBnb where I am able to pay the same rates to rent a person’s residence. Of course there are still accommodations that are not so great that need to be properly vetted, however I have had mainly nice experiences when I stayed in residences while the people I was with and I were in our travels. Sadly, the one we are in at the moment has a noisy air conditioner machine. I truly adore the view of the ocean here plus the pool in the back, however the air conditioner machine was installed in the closet outside the master bedroom. It has kept me up during the night hours turning on plus off while it cycles. This is the first time I’ve had a bad experience when renting a person’s residence as opposed to a hotel room.


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