Why your dwelling could be dusty

Nobody really appreciates a dusty home. If you have been asking yourself why your dwelling is dusty, or noticing your dwelling to be dusty no matter how much you clean, this may be an indication that your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance is not filtering dust properly. Your air filters are the first place you should look if you are experiencing issues with dust. Filters are meant to trap dust and other material from getting into your dwelling and need to be either replaced or cleaned officially. If your filters are clean, the drawback may lie in leaky air ducts. This is because leaky ducts not only cause your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance to over work but will also cause unfiltered, dusty air to get into your dwelling and will cause your energy bills to go up and is a culprit for why your dwelling gets so dusty fast. The HVAC ducts may need to be entirely fixed if you see lint or dust buildup on vent registers, high energy bills and hot or cold spots in your dwelling… High levels of humidity in the dwelling can cause dust to build up. The self-explanatory solution to this particular drawback is running a humidifier to lower the amount of dryness. Humidity can be a significant problem in dwellings in areas with hot weather conditions. Another way dust can get into your dwelling is through cracks in windows. The windows may need to be entirely re-caulked to create a far tighter fit. Dust can particularly be brought into a dwelling from your family’s shoes which is a pretty common reason why the dwelling is so dusty. A self-explanatory fix with this is having everyone keep from wearing shoes inside the dwelling. It’s a fairly smart move to run through this list first to see if your dust drawback can be solved particularly by yourself. However, if you have checked all of the above items, and are still finding your dwelling to be more dusty than normal, you should have your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance checked out by a professional to determine if a service is needed.

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