Display settings and terrible Heating and A/C service

It was a beautiful afternoon, sun beating down and boiling already however glorious outside separate from a cloud in the sky.

My plans? Skiing all afternoon, yeah, sun and fun.

I went for my afternoon run, boiling and sweaty came into the home to find it was boiling and muggy. Mom and dad were fiddling out in the living room with root coors in hand. Opening the refrigerator I casually mentioned it was hot. They passed it off as “you just finished running”. So I grabbed my water and headed up to change my clothes. It was boiling and I knew it, I ran every afternoon so this is not normal. I decided to go check the thermostat. The 1 upstairs was set at 69 and the temperature was 69 and felt ok however a little muggy. I went downstairs to find the thermostat set at 74 and the temperature was 73 and was on auto and the display was showing all was ok. Dad looked at the thermostat, thumped it a few times, switched switches, went down to check the fuse box and finally determined something was wrong. He called our Heating and A/C serviceman and set him on duty! He said 1 of our s is broken and the cooling would be affected until all of us would be able to buy and have a serviceman replace the unit. Ken the Heating and A/C repairman had been doing his task for 40 years and was a small rather unhealthy guy that frequently let out gasses, and I’m sure they were really unhealthy to smell all afternoon too. He noted that our ducts needed to be cleaned, had things blocking them and some of the return vents which were not safe.

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