Spring break ride home

It was the end of spring break and we were driving down the back roads toward our lake house.

My sister and I had knockout tans and couldn’t wait to get back to show off with our friends.

My friend Russ, who was a couple of years my senior, lived with a couple of buds in a trailer on a piece of ground on this road we were traveling. Mom and Dad were in the front seat and we girls were in the back, the radio was playing something from the 70’s and Russ’s trailer house was up on the right. Of course I sat up to attention to check out who all was there. I myself had never been there but I had heard about the parties. I always wondered why whoever put the thing there put the AC unit in front of the house! It was a crazy eye sore and when it switched on you could hear it from the road on a quiet day. I used to ride my bike that way all the time until he moved into the place. The air conditioner stuck out of the window and was propped up with a 2 x 4 and I imagine about as big as the room it was cooling. In fact I would guess that the house is like a huge freezing ice box, this air conditioner was that big. The vents were kind of broken off and there were a few scraggly bushes kind of blocking them. Further inspection would find it probably needed serviced by a HVAC technician or repairman.