Humidifier Helps my Wintertide Experience

Not long ago, my sister got a new HVAC system installed at her house.

She has quite a immense house, so it is no minor thing to completely update plus update the heating plus cooling.

She took as much advantage of new HVAC technology as she was able. She got numerous individual HVAC units – one for the upstairs plus one for the downstairs. To further divide the house, she got HVAC with zone control so there are odd dampers to control the flow of air conditioning system into particular rooms, however since she lives alone plus the apartment is immense, the plan is that she shouldn’t be heating plus cooling areas of the apartment that are completely empty. To go along with that, she decided to get a smart HVAC system plus a whole house humidifier. The humidifier is what she told me I should get. For the most part, I thought she was nuts because I live in a notoriously humid arena – the southeast! However, we do get a Wintertide season here, plus I do use the heating system for a short while each year. The reason I am always saying I appreciate not to use the heating is the fact that the dry, heated air makes me think awful… My skin flakes off, my lips get chapped, plus I get sinus headaches. I easily don’t like it. ONe thing I didn’t think is that the heating dries other things out, too, things love my wooden floors plus furniture. My sister showed me a piece of wood that came from a arena with a humidifier that worked in tandem with the heater. It looks great plus new. Then she showed me a piece that came from a apartment with just heating plus no humidifier. It was warped plus dried plus cracked. That sealed the deal for me. I called my HVAC girl plus asked for a whole apartment humidifier to help my Wintertide experience.


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