Bread is Like a Brick on the Counter

A few years back, I went to visit my brother and his wife who live in the southwest.

I grew up here in the southeast, and I never really gave much thought to how the climate affects life where we live.

Everyone knows that southwest is considered a desert, although not all of it. Where I live resembles a rainforest! It is humid, rainy, wet, and really green almost all the time. With the exception of short dry winters, we actually do things to battle mold and mildew around here. I have dehumidifiers plugged in during the summer months, and every air conditioning unit sold around here includes a dehumidifier that works in tandem with the cooling. WE even have little silicon things that we put in the bathrooms because the a/c needs help eliminating the humidity in there. Well, when I went to visit my brother, I learned a bit! I decided I was going to make a sandwich, so I put the bread on a plate on the counter. Then, I got called away to do something. When I went back an hour later, I am telling you, the bread resembled a brick more than soft, lovely bread! The dry air just dried that bread right out! That’s right, while I am paying for dehumidifiers, they have installed a whole house humidifier! The whole house humidifier works alongside their heating and cooling system and helps keep everyone from getting nose bleeds! They do not leave anything out on the counter, and they cannot even grow houseplants inside their house because the solid is always too dry. I can’t keep plants from growing even when I don’t want them!

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