Heat Pumps Work Like Magic

In my neck of the woods, the climate is pretty much hot and humid. For the majority of the year, we are swimming in our own sweat. In fact, if it weren’t for the invention of air conditioning, I am certain that no one would live here. That’s why when it came time to replace my decades old heating and cooling system, I didn’t mind. I did not hesitate because I know that good air conditioning is a must here in my little corner of the world. The question became what type of a/c should I get? My house has central heating and cooling, and I just assumed I would get the exact same thing again. However, the HVAC pro came out to the house to talk to me and see the building so he could recommend the best type of a/c for me. Trust me, there have been vast improvements in HVAC technology since I put in the air conditioner I have now. A lot of that technology, though, just seems too fancy for me, and by fancy I mean expensive. When he mentioned installing a heat pump, I knew that I had heard about that before and it is a type of a/c that has been around a long time. I wanted to know how they work, though. In the simplest form, they move heat from one place to another. If it’s hot in the house, the heat pump moves the heat outside; if it’s too cold in the house, the heat pump provides heating inside. The HVAC system has an outdoor unit and an inside unit, and the two are connected by a line with refrigerant.

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