Getting rid of wood stove was rough

The condo I obtained was legitimately themed with a Colonial flair, however the wallpaper, wood half walls, yellow condo as well as woodstove in the residing room clearly reflected in.

Thankfully most things were an easy fix, but i could tear down the wall paper as well as half wood walls, and everything then just got painted pale white.

The exetoeri of the condo has a little more work decreasing yellow as well as brown to grey as well as pale white, but worth it; Removing the wood stove was a little bit more work. It was a decorative piece either, the previous homeowners had the stove vented to be a real gas furnace. A giant piece of pipe extended through the ceiling as well as was affixed to the roof. It was able to open as well as close to let out fumes. The previous homeowners never used the little oil furnace though. It was totally scrub in the stove as well as inside the pipe. I had a heck of a time moving a cast iron oil furnace out of my house. I then had to patch my ceiling as well as get roofers to make a repair. I also had to sledgehammer a cement pad out of my residing room as well as redo the flooring. Lastly was selling that gas furnace. I found out from a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company that it honestly isn’t a condo heater. It is more of a small hunting shack heater. I thankfully found a guy willing to supply me a few hundred for it that wanted a oil furnace in his person cave. It was a messy, time consuming project.
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