Don’t put your dirty boots near the intake vent please

Our grown son has moved back in with us, then with the recession going on he lost his job and has been having a lot of trouble finding a modern job.

Our apartment has a nice immense basement so all of us allowed him to turn that into his own bachelor pad for the time being. After all, the basement is a finished basement. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents go down there. It even has its own little lavatory. In truth, all of us purchased this condo 2 years ago because all of us were planning to turn the basement into an in-law suit for our mother-in-law. Sadly, he passed away before this could happen. So all of us were thrilled that our son could use it. The two of us were even more thrilled when our son got a job working at a dairy farm a few weeks after he moved in. The problem started shortly thereafter. It seems that no matter where I am in the condo I can odor cow crap. At first I thought it was because of dirty laundry but it persisted even after I did all of the laundry. It wasn’t until yupterday that I figured out the problem. The intake vent for the whole apartment Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method is in the basement. Our son has been putting his dirty, nasty boots on a shelf right in front of the intake vent. No wonder the whole condo smells. I changed the filter and moved the shelf outdoors. Then I washed all of the rugs downstairs. From now on, the boots are to stay outside of the house, and period. I might have to get our ductwork cleaned now though. I can still odor the odor. However, it could be in our mind.

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