I was so mad when I learned that I was ripped off online

Something everybody needs to watch out for is where they buy things online.

There are numerous sites where sellers are not genuine at all.

There are people who do what is called drop shipping just to make a profit. They basically pick an official online vendor like walmart or home depot, and they will send you whatever you buy from those vendors. So you make your purchase through them, they buy it from the other vendor and it goes to you. They usually mark these shipments as a gift so that there is no receipt for how much money was paid. This is exactly what happened to me recently when I wanted to get a couple of window A/C units to my house in a hurry. It was an overheated summer and the A/C system was struggling. I decided to look online for window A/C units when I couldn’t find any at the stores. I was happy to get my window A/C units delivered to my home, but I was surprised that they arrived in walmart boxes. I thought I didn’t buy anything from walmart, and then checked walmart to see the window A/C units. They were significantly cheaper on walmart’s online store, and the guy I bought them from charged me $50 extra per window A/C unit, so he made $100 dollars off me! I complained to this guy but he said it was perfectly legal to do that. The sad thing is, it’s not technically against the law, so be very careful where you purchase things like HVAC equipment or air filters online.

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