Bringing my dog to the Hospital

My dog trainer works as a trainer only as a side gig.

Her full time job is running the comfort and therapy pet services at one of our local hospitals.

I am amazed by that, and I think it would be so cool to be able to bring my dog to the hospital. Unfortunately, she is not smart enough for that. I don’t really like being in hospitals all that much, anyway, so maybe it is just as well. Obviously, the down side of hospitals is germs, but there is one thing I really hate about them even more than that. It is the air conditioning! I mean, have you ever been in a hospital when the a/c wasn’t blasting? I think they must set their thermostats as low as they will go. Even the employees who are often running around and on their feet all day and so on – they are still wearing sweaters all the time. I mean, it seems so wasteful to run the heating and cooling unit until you make people feel as if they have to go outside just to warm up a bit. The a/c is set so low that the first thing any nurse does is provide a blanket that was warmed up in a blanket heater. So not only are they using energy with the a/c, they are using even more by running blanket heaters and whatever else they do to combat the cold. I guess I have always been picky about my HVAC controls, and now that I am more environmentally aware, I am even more so.

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