Bad Roommate Sucks

When I found myself wanting a current roommate I tried absolutely strenuous to screen all the interested parties to find the best match for me and our lifestyle.

I mean, you don’t want to wind up living with another person who feels totally unusual about residential living and utility bill payments than you do.

I’m convinced this isn’t only our experience – living with people is harshly hard. Having more than one opinion in 1 house is genuinely challenging, and it can cause a lot of uncomfortable situations. For me, this is most clearly demonstrated when you start considering your bills, your income, and how appliances will be used. For instance, have you ever tried to have an honest talk about the control device as it relates to the usual energy bill with your roommate? The A/C is definitely something that I know needs to be discussed with a current roommate before they move in. And yet, I didn’t do it this last time. The problem is, the house comes with a central indoor air temperature control system, so there’s only 1 option for setting the thermostat. As I’ve found, vastly differing levels of responsibility for the control device temperature, Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment, and heating, cooling, and air quality repair appointments will often cause anger. I managed to sign a lease with someone who easily does not have a problem keeping up with the equipment in order to keep up with the air quality. I can’t even bring up the air quality topic without it causing hard feelings. I realized that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C was a controversial issue for anyone, although I didn’t realize that our current roommate would refuse to contribute any money for even routine air filter variations. As a result, our house has too many heating and cooling equipment breakdowns and high utility bills. I did not get the roommate situation I was going for.


a/c representative