It was just a little firecracker.

I came home from labor Last weekto see the firetrucks and police outside our house.

My family must have been frightened because they refused to come outside.

I told the police this was our home and our guys were the only a singles home. I asked if I could go into the house. The police officer told me they had reports of shots being fired and they were coming from this house. I broke through their police line and ran into the house. My guys were hiding behind the sofa and afraid to come out. I ran tests on them over and asked what was going on. My youngest broke into tears and said they didn’t mean to do anything wrong. I motioned the police in and made our sons come out of hiding. Three police officers and the fire police all stood in our living room while our crying 12 and 14 year seasoned sons stood there. They had been playing with firecrackers a single of their friends provided to them. They were throwing them out the window and they were landing in the a/c. They didn’t realize how much they echoed when inside the a/c, nor did they assume how much it sounded like gunshots. The police provided them a stern warning and left, however the fire police stayed behind. He told our sons how their little escapade could have caused the a/c device to catch on fire, or even explode. He told me to call the Heating plus A/C corporation and have the a/c device ran tests on prior to turning it back on. I told the guys they would spend our savings for this Heating plus A/C inspection. I already paid for the first a single.

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