My work truck desperately needs a new air conditioner and heater

I decided to go to trade school like my father.

High school wasn’t easy because I only had academic classes by that point and my brain preferred hands-on learning.

There weren’t any shop classes, nor were there home economics classes either. By that point, the education fund for the state had already been pilfered for years by corrupt state politicians. Recent studies have shown that many boys thrive with hands-on learning, and the lack of these educational resources after budget reductions is in part one of the many reasons for the gender gap in college admissions. The top performing students are increasingly more female with every decade, making it hard for people like myself to thrive in an academic environment without the right educational tools. When I was a junior in high school, I knew that college wasn’t the right path for me in particular. All of my teachers were pushing me in that direction, but I secretly wanted to attend trade school like my father did. He is an HVAC technician and struggled in many of the same ways as I did while he was in school. But at least back then there were classes like shop where my father was able to use his hands and his brain at the same time. I’m glad I chose trade school over college, but some days I hate driving around in my hot work truck. I’m a handyman, but my work truck is old and needs a new air conditioner and heater. In the summer it’s too hot and I’m dying with the windows open. But once we reach the winter season, I’m suddenly too cold. I wish my boss would pay to replace the air conditioner and heater inside my truck before I lose my sanity.

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