We are going camping this weekend

Even though the weather is easily cooling down and the temperatures are getting colder and colder, the two of us are still going camping this weekend.

We don’t usually mind a little bit of cold weather and the two of us absolutely don’t mind the snow most of the time.

My fiance came up with a funny way to keep us safe in our tent when the two of us go camping, even though it’s undoubtedly not the safest way to deliver heating, and see, he got so desperate last Winter to get out into the good outdoors that he decided that he was going to figure out a way to deliver heating to the tent. At first, he was trying to figure out how to build some sort of a fireplace inside of the tent, but he suddenly realized that this program was just too dangerous and downright crazy. That’s when he changed his way of thinking and he started to figure out a program to use a generator and a small electric space gas furnace to heat the tent. It’s a easily small tent and so it doesn’t take all that much to deliver heating for that much of an enclosed area. I still think that it’s dangerous to use the generator and the little electric space heater, but I think it’s still better than the alternatives that he has come up with. I told him that I would go camping with him this weekend, so I’m packing up all of our hot clothes and preparing myself for the cold weather. We might even go ice fishing if the two of us can find a frozen lake.
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