Radiant heating method feels like it did long ago

It’s funny how life can at time sort of repeat itself.

  • I see it all the time.

There are cycles that just keep happening. It’s in our culture and our society. We keep repeating things that worked as well as things that didn’t over and over again. I often wonder if that is just part of the human condition. Well, I am also experiencing a bit of that circular pattern of life. And this revolves around HVAC comfort. When I was a little kid, I grew up with my grandparents mainly for my earliest years. My mom was basically abandoned with 3 kids and no way to support them. To her credit, she got herself educated and figured out how to provide for her family. But it took some time. So my very early years were spent at my grandparents. And they had this old victorian house. It seemed so big to a little kid like me. But it also had a big boiler in the basement that served as the heating method of the day. Even back then, that heating method was fairly outdated. However, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more comfortable winters than in that radiant heat. I kill still here the sounds of the radiators as the hot, steamy water made its way to warm us. So we just finished construction on our retirement house. We chose geothermal heating & cooling. And that heat is transferred radiantly via copper pipes in the floor. It’s the coziest I have ever been since I was that little kid in my grandparents great big house. How about that for full circle?

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