Getting the air ducts cleaned

I am so thankful that I decided to have the home’s air ducts taken a look at by a certified HVAC professional.

I’ve been needing the system to be checked out at for a while now.

I have been procrastinating because of my busy schedule. I was that the time had come and gone when I needed to have the ductwork cleaned. Over the last year, the air conditioner has struggled to supply enough cool air plus I suspect it was due to dirty ducts. I scheduled the appointment for when it was best and most convenient for me. I chose a Wednesday and that worked out for the HVAC company as well. When the HVAC tech arrived to inspect the air conditioner unit, I was insistent that he check the ductwork as well. The ducts were certainly filthy after so many years of neglect and in need of a cleaning at the very least. I wanted to get everything done at once so I opted to have the air ductwork both cleaned and resealed during the same appointment. I was hoping to have the heating and cooling system in tip top shape and able to handle all types of weather throughout the year. In the area where I live, the weather can bring long cold winters and hot and sticky summers. I need to be prepared and make sure the heating plus cooling system is operating efficiently and effectively. Once the technician completed all of the various HVAC services, I was relieved to find the price was lower than I initially expected. Although the whole process took the entire day, I was pleased with the experience. The HVAC professional did a great job, kept me informed and was careful not to make a mess. He offered tips on how to take the best care of the heating plus cooling equipment.

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