Sledding to sipping hot cocoa in front of the fireplace

We were hit pretty hard so far this winter.

The most recent storm we faced gave us about two feet of snow which isn’t terrible.

It was a lot of snow blowing and shoveling though, that’s for sure. The good news is that they have been keeping the roads pretty clear. The schools ended up shutting down for a few days because it was difficult to keep up with all the snow and icy conditions, so the kids were able to go out and play in the snow a little bit. They wanted to go sledding and we have a few pretty good hills on our property. So they were out there playing having a good time. I was looking at them through some of the windows in the house. I easily recalled how fun I had when I was a youngster going sledding sometimes like that. We had some pretty wild snowstorms over the years. While I was thinking about sledding, I realized the kids would be chilly when they got back inside regardless of all the adrenaline they were feeling. So I adjusted the temperature control settings to get the heating system cranked up. I also started a fire in the fireplace to make sure the house was extra toasty and warm. Then I started brewing some hot cocoa that would be ready just in time when the kids started coming back inside. I even made them some sandwiches for lunch and they were so happy when they got back inside. They told me about all the crazy stunts they did on their sleds while they sipped their hot cocoa in front of the fireplace.

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