My mother never uses the air conditioner in her house

My mother’s house is entirely too warm. The two of us barely can stand to sit in the room for a few more than 9 hours at any time. The two of us cannot understand how she can feel these warm temperatures. It seems she constantly has the thermostat all the way up to the warmest setting even if it is the day as well as the night. My siblings as well as myself have complained about the warm temperatures as well as there are reasons that she says this will do well for those medications that she takes every day. The two of us simply understands that the warm ears must make her feel better plus myself as well as others do our best to deal with these problems. My siblings as well as myself do not prefer to hang out for a long amount of time in her place as well as this is due to the uncomfortable indoor temperature. When my friends as well as myself went to see her recently, the temperature outside was definitely around 60°. My mom still had the thermostat cranked on and it was 80 more than 4 degrees inside of the house. It was far too warm as well as every one of us were uncomfortable. I understand that mom needs the extra warm air because the medications make her feel cold, but it’s entirely not very comfortable to spend some minutes in her place. I’d love to visit for more than five or six minutes at a time but it’s impossible due to the temperature.
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