The weather outside is certainly very frightful

The two of us asked for honestly brutal weather as well as there are many occasions when the two of us have to work in cold temperatures that are below the freezing mark.

The two of us never signed up for this type of work, but the two of us are fortunate to at least have a tack. Some people talk during the winter and also the cold temperatures are easily special soaps. I have been working with a person that is here during the whole time when the best section is actually making a go of the cold weather. These types of people are actually quite special. The only way I can spend a long amount of time working outdoors is because I can spend a couple of minutes in the office where the temperatures are absolutely warm. The two of us are allowed to go back into the office anytime we want where there is a nice portable kerosene heater. The kerosene heater transfers plenty of heat so the two of us can warm up in a couple of minutes. Even though it’s a pain to transfer these section heater from one place to the other, it is absolutely worth it for everyone of us to feel some sort of comfort. As long as I can spend two or three minutes in the heat, I can usually spend an hour or two outside in the cold. You have to convince your mind that you aren’t really feeling cold and then you can face the fear.


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