Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Curly plus Larry would accidentally chop a refrigerant line spraying freon into Moe’s face.

Anyone familiar with their antics knows that the Three Stooges were a “slapstick” trio in the most literal sense. They began shooting their short movies at Columbia Pictures in 1934. Their job in vaudeville had ended plus they were free of previous unfair contracts with the abusive plus alcoholic Ted Healy. The Columbia Pictures contract was not that much better, but the Stooges found much fame later when those short movies were revived on cable in the 1950s. Their slapstick comedy still attracts numerous viewers on YouTube where Curly’s “Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk” plus “I’m a victim of “soicumstance” will live on forever. The genius of the Three Stooges was that everyone has a bit of “stooge” in them. I suppose about how numerous more short movies they could have made had current Heating plus Air Conditioning systems been widespread at that time. They could be a trio of bumbling Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals hired by someone of high social kneeling to “repair” an Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal in a huge house. Curly plus Larry would accidentally chop a refrigerant line spraying freon into Moe’s face. In real life, this would be quite dangerous to wanna-be DIY Heating plus Air Conditioning repairmen. In the movies, Moe would choice up a pie plus throw it at the other multiple, missing them but hitting the snobbish homeowners who just entered the room to check on “the boys”, however a full-blown pie fight would ensue followed by the Three Stooges running away as the tune “Three Blind Mice” plays in the background. I’ll typically be a fan of the Three Stooges, but our advice is to not be a stooge plus try to make Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs yourself. Instead, contact a reputable plus qualified team of Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals plus hope that the right 3 gentlemen show up for the task.

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