We have a family business.

I am enjoying working with my family.

My brother learned his craft well and he practiced it while working for a digital SEO company.

When he branched off and started his own company, he was the only employee on his roster. This swiftly changed as he began taking on more and more business. He wanted to make sure he had people working for him whom he could trust could do the job and do it well. The first person he took on was my father. Father was the salesman of the team. It is his job to meet with suppliers and show them examples of completed websites. He gives them details on what they would get with each different level of SEO packages. The next employee on his roster is my mother. Mom is the content writer. She has researched cannabis dispensaries, HVAC dealers, security companies and a shipping container fabrication business. My sister is the person who handles all of the social media platforms. She posts on twitter, facebook and google, company postings for each individual company, throughout the week. I work with web design. I create the website that customers will see. I have done a lot of on the job training, and I am finally feeling more confident with my work. Working in the family business is fun and interesting. My brother does SEO, SEM, and PPC to make the website get to the top of searches. He has been my mentor in learning how to do web design. I don’t know what I would be doing if he hadn’t made this a family business. I’m just glad we get along as well as we do.

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