I was supposed to get air filters in the mail

I usually buy my air filters in the superstore, however the shelves have been out there since the covid-19 virus hit the area.

I tried to find the air filters that I like, however everything was out of stock last time I went to the store.

I decided to order online, then the supplier had a sale on 6 air filters, so I ordered a whole large box. It’s tough to say how long the supplies will be low, so I thought it would not hurt to have a few extra in the house. I didn’t want to pay an extra $10 for express shipping, so I chose the free option which was 5 days. I waited for the air filters to come in the mail! When the package delivery person dropped off the box, I knew it could not be the air filters I ordered. The box was much smaller than the air filters. The driver was gone before I could ask any questions. I took the Box inside the house and I opened it with a knife. Inside the box was a 10 pack of flour tortillas and a single package of taco seasoning instead. The shipping order was somehow correct. It said the box should contain 6 of the HEPA technology air filters. I instantly contacted the supplier and I spoke with a guy in the customer service department, but he absolutely didn’t sound unquestionably surprised when I told him about the situation. He apologized for the mix-up and sent the air filters with free express shipping. I bet this sort of problem happens to them all of the time regardless.