My boss needed me for additional hours this week

I absolutely did not want to do a task on Tuesday plus Sunday, however the boss begged me to show up for tasks on the weekend shifts… He was supposed to go out of the city with his spouse for their 10-year anniversary, one of our commercial heating, ventilation plus A/C clients called with an emergency on Thursday.

I was supposed to be off for the weekend, however someone had to take care of the emergency on Tuesday afternoon.

My boss offered to pay me any amount of money to handle everything so he did not have to cancel or postpone the weekend with his spouse. I agreed to change my plans plus transfer some things around. I knew it would be fantastic leverage for me in the future. On Tuesday afternoon, I drove to the beach strip mall so I could fix the refrigeration unit for a client, but the purchaser has a smoothie shop plus the refrigeration unit was not working… All of us handle some refrigeration repairs for our heating, ventilation plus A/C clients. It’s not our specialty, which is why only a handful of people can complete the actual work. All of us just picked up this purchaser plus my boss did not want to disappoint the purchaser the first time they needed us in an actual emergency. That is a fantastic way to lose clients plus get bad reviews online. I inspected everything on site. The task for the smoothie store only took more than thirty minutes plus I went back to my house for the rest of the afternoon. I helped one of the men with a replacement on Sunday, even though I barely broke a sweat. It wasn’t a lot of trouble, however the boss was still extremely grateful for it all.

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