Outdoor shed HVAC

My outdoor shed has turned into a work out area for me. It has been a lot of work making it a good fitness room though. First I had to rip down the walls and ceiling to add insulation. New drywall, mudding and sanding ahd to be done. I needed to replace the windows to make the space air tight and get a better overhead light. Then there was painting inside and outside of the shed. I even replaced the door with one that has glas in it to let in some natural sunlight. The last step was getting a HVAC system. I looked into buying a ductless mini split but a hole would have to be drilled in my brand new wall. I also would have a giant outdoor air compressor sitting around the shed. I didn’t like that idea of the eyesore. I then started looking at heat pumps and it was still just as ugly. Right now I am attempting to find the perfect system. I want both heating and cooling that could be a window unit. Maybe it could sit in the corner of my shed. Having both heating and air conditioning is imperative though. I need good cooling because the southern summers get so hot. I need a heater because there is around a month out of the year that is so cold. I haven’t found the perfect system just yet. I am willing to wait and spend more money to get exactly what I want. I need something large enough to handle the shed but not so big that it is distracting.

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