Smart to get ductwork cleaning

Getting ductwork cleaning was one of the best things I have ever paid for.

They say every seven years you should call to get your air ducts cleaned out.

I figured they couldn’t be that dirty but decided to pay for it anyway. I had done a bunch of renovations on my house. I gutted a bathroom and stirred up a ton of dust. I pulled down drywall, adding new, sanded, mudded and sanded again. There was lots of dust kicked up when I removed old carpet and added new tile. So getting the air ducts cleaned couldn’t hurt things. Well first the ductwork cleaning process was so simple. I pictured a guy walking around my house with a giant scrub brush. I figured he would aggressively scrub in the ducts and sort of guess if they were clean. Instead the guy had what looked like a vacuum and would stick it up a few vent openings. He sucks out the dust, hair and dirt instead of scrubbing it. He had a camera that also could go up in the ductwork to check and see if he got everything cleaned. I then got a guarantee on the ductwork being clean for at least five years or it gets cleaned for free. The guy was even able to check the seams around the ducts to see if they were loose and letting in air. The whole experience was nice. After they were cleaned, I noticed that I sneeze, cough and feel less sick. I also don’t get headaches as often either.

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