My furnace broke, but I was sure I would be all right.

I love watching YouTube and all the crazy things people talk about.

  • TicToc can be fun if you stick with things meant to entertain.

One of the weirdest things I found was this husband and wife video. They were discussing how well they got along now that they were staying at home together all the time. She said the pandemic had drawn them closer and they just decided to go with the flow. Since neither of them were working, they couldn’t afford to have the furnace repaired when it broke. They snuggled underneath the blankets and kept each other warm. They wore jackets in the house and they didn’t mind the cold. I guess I should have paid attention to where they were and I may have noticed they had a fireplace in the background. I would have realized they had another source of heat to keep them warm. When I got home, I felt how cold my apartment was, and I knew I couldn’t afford to have the furnace repaired. I thought that if that couple got away without having the furnace repaired, I should be able to do it too. I put on my furry jacket and I sat on the couch with the television to keep me company. I had a blanket pulled around me, but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t as strong as they were. After just two hours of shivering, I gave up and called the HVAC company. I told them I couldn’t afford right away and they said they would give me a month to make the payment.

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