Trying to be self sufficient in the HVAC realm

My next door neighbor started to learn a new language during the quarantine! She said that he was trapped inside with nothing to do so why not put the extra time to great use? It made sense when he said he loved that, plus explained why he was reading up on Italian despite never planning on going to Italy in the near future. She challenged myself and others to do something other than rest in my pajamas plus binge watch Netflix all morning long, however I didn’t want to learn a language, but he did have a great point so I decided to learn something beneficial for my mourning to morning life. For me, that was Heating plus A/C systems repair, because I knew how much I relied on it, so why shouldn’t I learn how to service it? Especially in these modern times, when an Heating plus A/C service may not be able to respond as abruptly as I want if something goes wrong. I ended up enjoying a ton of online tutorials about a/cs, plus after about the 20th a single it eventually started to sink in, however people go to classes for months to read for an Heating plus A/C certification exam, plus now I could absolutely see the reason. Heating and A/C systems are severely technical, so after a while I realized I could only pick up so much plus decided to opening up whatever tips I could, then with official upkeep, the kind I was capable of giving, then my Heating plus A/C system would need to have professional attention not nearly as often, beyond that, my a/c might job perfectly for another 20 years as long as I care for it correctly.

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