Hot drinks and heater are great for winter

Winter, while it’s not my favorite season, is a great season to kick back and relax.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand this, because when they picture winter, they picture all cold and freezing snow.

However, I choose to enjoy the good aspects about winter, such as bundling yourself up in a ton of cover, sitting next to a winter to watch all of the snow, and having a hot drink next to you. Bonus if you turn your furnace up really high, and just feeling the warm heat pouring from the A/C vents just feels so great. I used to do this all of the time when it was winter, and I had any free time. Nowadays, coming across days like that are hard, as I usually am busy. Between my online job and my 8 month old son who requires my attention 24/7, I rarely have any enjoyable time to myself anymore. Now most of the months and seasons go by in a blur, and before I know it, winter has come and gone. However, I did get lucky when my parents had come to babysit for me, which gave me some much needed alone time. It was a perfect day as well, because it was snowing really hard outside. Just like old times, I turned my heating device up, made myself some hot chocolate and grabbed my most puffiest blankets. Then, wrapped up like a burrito, I got to watch the snow fall and think about the direction my life is heading, and all of the things I still need to get done. I ended up dozing for a while, before my parents returned my child. I really miss time to myself like that.


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