Heat pump and traditional furnace

Sometimes I think that my wife is trying to kill me. I know that we love each other dearly, but she also gets in these moods where I cannot change her mind no matter what I say. She decides that it’s her way or the highway, even if it means I am going to have to work overtime to keep up with her demands. This is exactly what has been going on recently with our indoor air temperature control system. My wife decided a few months ago that our indoor air temperature and air quality management plan was not up to snuff. She saw some programs on the TV that discussed air quality control, air purification, and air temperature management. Apparently, these scientific experts are now saying that your indoor air contributes largely to your overall health and immune system functioning. If you are not keeping your indoor air within a designated temperature range or removing enough of your airborne toxins from the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system, you are likely to make yourself sick. My wife has been obsessed with maintaining an accurate indoor air temperature there ever since. She wants to run in the large central heating system at an extreme level everyday. I keep telling her that I don’t make enough money for those energy bills or HVAC repair services, but she changes the thermostat anyways. Now, I’m looking at purchasing a geothermal heat pump to accompany our forced air furnace for the foreseeable future. Then, my wife can adjust the air temperature as much as she wants without putting us on the streets.


Heating maintenance