I was hell bent on buying an air purifier

I was the first single of my friends to buy an UV air purifier for the house; both of my sons have flu symptoms, so it’s regularly been on my mind.

Covid-19 was the perfect excuse to pull the trigger.

I bought a new UV air purifier for the bedroom that my guys share and I also bought a much larger commercial size UV air purifier for the kitchen. The kitchen is the first room that you experience as you come into the home from outdoors. It made sense to venue the commercial size UV air purifier in that room. It takes up a little bit of space, however it is pretty quiet. If I put a chalet in front of the machine, no one would ever think that it was there. I shared a picture of the UV air purifier on Facebook after I installed the component in the kitchen, however none of my friends wanted to think where they could get a single as well. I did not even spend money on the indoor air machine. I did have a couple of people in my family that made a few remarks about the clean air machine, some of them do not think that covid-19 is a real threat and they think it is a waste of money to buy a clean air component just because there is a virus. I think that I want my family to be safe and I will do whatever I think is necessary to keep them safe. That means buying an UV air purifier and staying aways from friends and family that don’t wear a mask or practice wonderful social distancing.
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