I’m always telling people how they can improve their air quality

I’ve always been big into having good air quality.

This is why I have all the perfect HVAC components in my home for the ideal air quality.

I have a quality UV air purification system that works beautifully with my HVAC system. It actually uses a HEPA air filter which pulls 99.9% of contaminants from the air. I also use a high quality pleated air filter in my HVAC unit so I basically get double the air filtration in my home. On top of that, I have a powerful humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit to keep the perfect humidity levels. With the right humidity levels, I also save big money with better temperature control settings. It’s always perfectly comfortable in my home and people ask me all of the time what they should do to have air quality like mine. I usually tell them in a joking manner that they will never have air quality as good as mine, so they might as well quit trying. Then I laugh and tell them it’s actually not that difficult to have excellent air quality. It’s all about getting the right air filters, proper HVAC components and just keeping everything properly maintained. It’s important to have your ductwork system cleaned and things of that nature. You also must always change your air filters on time because there is nothing worse than having clogged air filters. I show everybody where to get the best air filters online for cheap, and everybody always thanks me for my help. It makes me happy because then I get to enjoy good air quality at all my family and friends’ houses.


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