The best laid plans…didn’t include the AC unit.

I am the type of person who plans everything.

I want to be at least ten steps ahead so I don’t get any unwanted surprises. I don’t handle it well when something goes wrong in our home. I get the jitters thinking about how high our energy bills are and what I could be doing to make them lower. I was changing the air filters a bit more often and I even had the furnace inspected and checked for any problem. I had to cut down on the energy bills. I thought I had everything covered until our air conditioning unit broke down. I had forgotten all about the air conditioner until it broke down in the middle of a heatwave. With all the preparations I made during the winter, I completely forgot about the air conditioning unit. Summer had donned hotter than normal and it didn’t let up. The air conditioning unit was running almost constantly. I hadn’t even had the servicing done on the air conditioning. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when the air conditioning unit broke down. I was ready to kick myself for not paying attention to the air conditioning unit. I really wanted to kick myself when the HVAC technician arrived and did an emergency repair on the air conditioning unit. I was going to kick even harder when I had to pay him for that AC repair. The next time I make plans to save on my energy bill, I’m going to need to make sure to include the air conditioning unit into the plan. I don’t want to go to this expense ever again.


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