My floor was soaked.

My partner is always finding something that she feels needs to be replaced or redone.

It usually ends up being a major change for our house. I try to waylay her, but it doesn’t always work. Last week, she thought we needed to install a new HVAC system. She didn’t just want a new furnace, or a new air conditioning unit. I thought she may have wanted to have the air filters changed, but I wasn’t getting off that easily. She had previously become focused on getting a new thermostat. Not any thermostat would do, but she needed a Smart Thermostat. I wondered why she could never want something simple. I had to admit, that this time she was a bit more specific with why she wanted a change with the HVAC. We had a lot of problems with excess humidity in our house. I changed the air filters regularly and our air conditioning unit was supposed to have a dehumidifier installed. I asked if she would be okay with a portable dehumidifier, just to start. If the portable dehumidifier was to get rid of all of the excess humidity, I thought I wouldn’t be on the hook for the purchase of a new HVAC system. The only real problem I had with the portable dehumidifier was that I was forever forgetting to empty the reservoir. I let it go a day too long, and I ended up needing to clean up a mess in the basement. She was really angry when I used all the towels to clean up the water.



Air conditioner tune-up