I needed to start with the HVAC systems.

I had been in such a slump that I didn’t think it was ever going away.

I was doing nothing but watching television and simply waiting to die.

I was young, but my depression had gotten so bad that I couldn’t see the good side of anything. My life hadn’t gone in the direction I thought it should be going. I hated who I was and what was going on. I knew I had to snap out of this funk I was in, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I knew I needed to get something done with my HVAC system. I had changed the air filter when I felt like it, but I hadn’t felt like it all too often. As a result of the air filters being neglected, my air quality had been declining. The air smelled stale and I knew that it was one of the reasons my depression was acting. I knew that if I could make my indoor air quality as clean and crisp as possible, that I would feel better. I knew there was a problem with the HVAC system because I hadn’t had the inspections done. I had to get more motivated and get the HVAC specialist out to the house and inspect my furnace and air conditioning unit. Once I was able to get my air quality improved, I was sure my attitude would also improve. I know I need to get out of this funk, and I’m putting most of my bets on new air filters and better air quality.

Quality heating and air