Opening back up for business with powerful air purifier

A good amount of small dealers depend on foot traffic for sales.

In this neck of the woods, everyone walks the boardwalk on the weekend.

My dealer happens to be located on the boardwalk where every one of us gets plenty of traffic as well as free advertising. When the coronavirus shut down local businesses, everyone was affected. My spouse as well as I happen to own a small salon that sells soap, bath bombs, lotions, as well as CBD products. Both of us also have a few souvenirs, postcards, drinks, as well as popcorn. When the dealer was eventually shut down, we didn’t really know how we would survive. My spouse thought about going back to work at the bank. Thankfully, the quarantine only lasted multiple months. When dealers started to reopen, we had a few regulations to follow. The most critical thing was having a quality air purifier in the location. In order to open for business, we easily needed an air purifier running 24 hours per day. The quality air purifier helps get rid of viruses, germs, as well as bacteria, leaving the indoor air fresh as well as clean. My spouse as well as I didn’t have the desire to spend a thousand dollars on an air purifier so we were excited to find out that multiple HVAC companies were renting the units. Numerous local dealers are renting the air purification device instead of buying a machine. Both of us called a couple of places as well as got prices on the equipment. Both of us were able to find a reputable dealer with amazing rates as well as service plans. Both of us pay an HVAC rental dealer $12/day to rent the industrial air purifier. They service the unit as well as change the air filter regularly for that one low price.

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