Rental air purifier means I can open for business

A great deal of small businesses rely on foot traffic for sales.

In this neck of the woods, everyone walks the boardwalk on the weekend.

My business is located on the boardwalk where we get plenty of traffic and free advertising. When the coronavirus shut down local businesses, everyone was affected. My wife and I own a small salon that sells soap, bath bombs, lotions, and CBD products. We also have some souvenirs, postcards, drinks, and snacks. When the business was shut down, we didn’t know how we would survive. My wife thought about going back to work at the bank. Thankfully, the quarantine only lasted three weeks. When businesses started to reopen, we had a few regulations to follow. The most important thing was having an air purifier in the space. In order to open for business, we needed an air purifier running 24 hours a day. The air purifier helps eliminate viruses, germs, and bacteria, leaving the indoor air fresh and clean. My wife and I didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars on an air purifier so we were happy to find out that several HVAC companies were renting the units. Many local businesses are renting the air purification equipment instead of buying a machine. We called a couple of places and got prices on the equipment. We found a reputable company with great rates and service plans. We pay an HVAC rental company $12/day to rent the industrial air purifier. They service the equipment and change the air filter weekly for that one low price.


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